1960 - John Brandon starts Brandon Tire Supply Inc. as a B F Goodrich Tire dealership.

1967 - operations are moved to a larger facility and a retreading plant is built.

1969 - Gardner and Green Tire s purchased, expanding Brandon Tire's operations north into Sonoma and Napa counties.

1973 - Michelin Tire is added to the dealership.

1975 - Increased purchasing power allows Brandon Tire to begin supplying all major tire brands.   

1978 -  Montgomery & Hall Tire is purchased, expanding operations east into Contra Costa and Solano counties.   

1979 - Cooper Tire is added to the dealership.   

1980 -  Brandon Tire goes digital, computerizing the entire facility.   

1981 - present - Reputation and customer satisfaction allows Brandon Tire to vastly expand into full service auto and light truck repair.   

1999 - Brandon tire establishes an internet presence and begins offering products for sale online.